All About The AB Energizer

The AB ENERGIZER is a non-invasive, two channel battery operated Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) unit that is indicated for use in strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and for the development of a                 firmer and harder abdomen. The unit is in the form of a belt                      that is worn on a desired location of the abdomen. The user extends the belt around the abdomen and closes it at the back using Velcro straps. The inside of the belt that contacts the abdomen contains several electrode contact pads.
You may use any water-based gel or lotion. If you have any doubt, use Aloe Vera Gel that can be easily obtained in any drug store.(This is considerably cheaper) Please check on the ingredient list, that NO OILS and NO MINERALS are added. Or, you may purchase on Ebay or other sites under a search of "conductive Gels"  Gel to enhance the toning action of the unit and to produce  conductivity. 

The AB ENERGIZER delivers gentle electronic pulses to the abdominal muscles through the electrodes within the belt, generated by the AB ENERGIZER electronic muscle toning units (which are snapped to the outside of the belt). The stimulation intensity can be adjusted to a comfortable level, and the abdominal muscles respond to the pulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically, as controlled by the user through the program and intensity settings on the electronic muscle toning units. The resulting series of muscle contractions and relaxations enable an individual to strengthen abdominal muscles and to improve the hardness / firmness of the abdomen. The AB ENERGIZER uses 3V CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries as its power source. Replacements can be found online or at any Radio Shack or Walmart etc.


1- AB Energizer 
Electronic Muscle Toning Unit

1 - AB Energizer Belt

1 - AB Energizer Instruction Manual

1 - CR 2030 Lithium 3V Batteries



Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the process of using very weak electrical impulses to cause the muscles to contract. The AB ENERGIZER System delivers a gentle electronic pulse to your muscles via electrodes within the belt that are generated by the AB ENERGIZER electronic muscle toner units clipped to the outside of the belt. By placing the AB ENERGIZER belt (with its electronic muscle toner units clipped onto it) on a particular muscle, then turning it on and adjusting the stimulation intensity to a comfortable level, your muscles respond to the electrical impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically, as controlled by you through the program and intensity settings on the units.

The following user controls are provided on each Electronic Muscle Toning Unit:

LED light 2: Right
LED light 1: Left 
Turns unit on and increases intensity. Press once to turn the electronic muscle toner unit on, and then press again to increase the intensity. The intensity increases one level each time the button is pressed. The higher the intensity, the stronger the contraction of the muscle. Levels 1 and 2 are very mild, and some people may not feel pulses until level 3. Remember: When the ON/HIGHER button is pushed only once, the unit is switched on. No output will be generated and the LED will light up continuously (it will not be flashing). Use this setting to select one of the two exercise programs with the "PROGRAM" button. 

OFF/LOWER BUTTON: Turns unit off and decreases intensity. The intensity decreases one level each time the button is pressed. This button also turns the unit off.
BATTERY COMPARTMENT: Cover slides down to open.
PROGRAM BUTTON: This button is used to select of the 2 preprogrammed toning programs. The setting is indicated by the color and location of the two LED lights on the unit. 

A. Insert batteries into the Muscle Toning Unit as given below:
  1) Open the battery door by sliding it gently downward
2) Insert 1 lithium battery into the battery compartment. The positive "+" pole of the battery must be facing up. You can read the "+" symbol on the battery. 
3) Close the battery door. 
Make sure the AB ENERGIZER electronic muscle toner is switched "OFF" (the LED light is not on). If you have switched "on" the unit accidentally, switch it "OFF" by pushing the "OFF/LOWER" so that the LED light is off.

B. Operating Instructions:
  1) The AB ENERGIZER belt will fit most waistlines, from small to large. On one end of the belt, there is a snap that allows you to adjust the belt for smaller sizes. Wrap the AB ENERGIZER belt around your waist to determine the proper length for you.   Position the belt directly over the area of your abdomen (upper / lower and side obliques) where you applied the gel. Tighten the belt by attaching the Velcro ends of the belt together.

Locating and preparing the application area: Place a small amount of  Gel sparingly on all four colored pads (upper, lower, left, and right). The conductivity gel is applied on the designated colored pads inside the neoprene belt and on the corresponding area of your skin prior to stimulation.

Note: Not all persons will be required to use the snap - it is important to measure before you proceed!

Note: the belt must be in firm contact with your skin to work properly.  

2) Attach the Electronic Muscle Toning unit to the belt by snapping the unit into the metal snaps on the outside of the belt. The belt allows for a total of 4 units to be connected. Additonal units can be purchased on the internet.  You can use the one unit on the desired  area,  moving it to different areas every 10 minutes, when the program is over. Do not place the belt over the heart; belt placement should only be used over the abdominal muscle groups recommended.  

3) Turn on the AB ENERGIZER by pressing the ON/Higher button on each unit only once; no output will be generated and the LED will light up continuously, without any flashing. This setting is used to select one of the two exercise programs. When the unit is first turned on, it is already in the Beginner program. Press the Program button once if you wish to select to the Intermediate/Advanced program.
4) The Led light (small red light) starts flashing when the unit is on. Push the ON/Higher button again to begin stimulation. You will instantly feel a slight tingling sensation. As soon as the ON button is pushed, your electronic exerciser will automatically be set on Program 1: Beginner program level. 
NOTE: You will be able to feel your muscles contracting and releasing without any effort on your part.

5) PROGRAM: This button is used to select either of the two preprogrammed toning programs. The setting is indicated by the color and location of the two LED lights on the unit. The AB ENERGIZER has the following 2 programs:
Program Name LED 1 (Left) LED 2 (Right) 
1) Beginner  Red Off
2) Intermediate/Advanced Red Red

Programs 1 and 2, each have ten (10) intensity levels. It is recommended that Program 2 (Intermediate/Advanced), only be used after you have been using Program 1 (Beginner) regularly for at least 1 week. As a beginner, you should always use the stimulation intensity that feels most comfortable to you, usually levels 1-4 of Program 1 (depending on your fitness level and the intensity level which is comfortable for you). 
Note: Levels 1 and 2 are very mild; increase to 3 or 4 if you do not feel pulses.

C. Auto Functions:
  When the conductive area of the belt (colored area on the backside of the belt) does not touch the skin, the intensity can only be set to level 1. If the belt is removed during use, the intensity level is automatically reset to level 1. If the belt is not placed back into contact with the skin, the unit will turn off after 20 seconds. The unit also has an auto-timer. It will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of exercise. If you change the exercise program within that time, the timer will count down from the original beginning time without regard to the change in program. The electronic exerciser units must be restarted after 10 minutes for exercise sessions lasting longer than 10 minutes.  


If you do not feel your muscles contracting, move the belt slowly around the abdominal area you want to tone. Make sure you have enough AB Energizer Gel placed on the inside of the neoprene belt. Gradually increase the "PULSE INTENSITY" by pushing the "ON/HIGHER" button. It may take a few moments of practice to locate the belt correctly and to select the best intensity level that provides the best results for you.
Note: You may feel an uncomfortable tingling if there is not enough gel on the belt and your skin, if the belt is not tightly fitted, or if it is worn and has lost conductivity.


You should give your muscles time to adjust to the toning program during the first week of using the AB Energizer. Use the unit only once or twice (with a minimum of 4 hours resting time in between) per day, for a maximum of 10 minutes per muscle group. We also recommend you only use program 1 for the first week. After that, you can use the AB Energizer for a maximum of 30 minutes per muscle group (three) consecutive 10 minute sessions) - 3 times a day - with at least 4 hours resting time between the sessions. Of course, you should adjust your routine to your personal fitness level and you should always feel comfortable. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If no gel is applied to the belt and skin, or the belt is not placed tightly against the skin, an uncomfortable tingling sensation may occur. This could also happen if the body has built up excessive oils on the skin. Before use, ensure that the contact pads are thoroughly covered with gel. The neoprene belt should be cleaned regularly with warm water to avoid the buildup of body oils (See Section - for cleaning instructions). 

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST apply (gel) sparingly to each colored contact area inside the neoprene belt and on the corresponding area of your skin before stimulating that muscle group. The belt must also make contact with your skin. It will not work through clothing or an excessive amount of (gel).


Upper, Middle, & Lower Abdominal Muscles - Place one AB Energizer electronic muscle toner unit each on the top and bottom snaps at the center of the AB Energizer belt. 
Side Abdominal Muscles - Place one AB Energizer electronic muscle toner unit on the right and left snaps at each side of the AB Energizer belt.   


With the AB Energizer, you may be toning some muscles that have not been exercised before or have not been used much in some time. However, consistency is the key to a firmer and younger looking you. So, for the next 30 to 90 days, don't forget to use your AB Energizer every day. With most people, noticeable results will occur within 3 to 4 weeks. You will achieve the optimum improvements in approximately 10 to 12 weeks with consistent use.

TONING: Toning is the key to looking good. Even if you are, or have been on a strict diet, muscles tend to lose tone. Because of AB Energizer's portability and ease of use, muscles can be toned while you walk, read, relax, talk on the phone or do simple housework. A half hour of use each day is usually all it takes to help improve your physique, especially problem areas such as the abdominal muscles. 

MAINTAIN REGULAR EXERCISE: We recommend regular physical exercise in conjunction with your use of the AB Energizer. Regular exercise and a healthy diet combined with the AB Energizer may help you notice a difference!


A. Abdominal Muscles: Upper, Middle and Lower - Tones all three abdominal muscles. Depending upon your fitness level, you can tone each abdominal muscle group (upper/middle or lower/middle) individually, or at the same time, by just turning on each unit, one at a time or both at the same time. 

B. Oblique: Side Abdominal muscles - The AB Energizer can help with firming this muscle group.

A study involving 114 women ages 18-48 confirmed that electronic stimulation INCREASES STRENGTH. 

On average, control group strength increased 2%, isometric group 18%, and the group using ELECTRONIC STIMULATION INCREASED STRENGTH BY 22% 

Even the mildest contraction, lasting only THREE TENTHS of a SECOND, will register some increase in blood flow 

WARNING: If you have a pacemaker, heart disorder, epilepsy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, skin disorders, are recovering from an operation or you are pregnant, you SHOULD NOT USE THESE MACHINES. Pads should not be placed over scars, moles, varicose veins or sensitive parts of the body. 


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